Information given by Jesus to Teresa Higginson

Information given by Our Lord 1880 – 1883

  1. “I wish the first Friday after the feast of my Sacred Heart to be set apart as a festive day in honour of my Sacred Head as the Seat of Divine Wisdom, and that public adoration be offered to Me for all the outrages and sins which are continually being committed against Me.” “It should be dedicated as a festive day in its honor, and special reparation and atonement be then offered to Him.” (Juni 2, 1880)
  2. “The Sacred Head was in a special manner the dwelling place of the Holy Ghost.” Our Lord “wished the great mystery of the Incarnation to be made very clear (or taught very carefully) to the children.” (Whitsuntide 1881)
  3. Our Lord impressed upon her – His Soul is not known, His Soul is not loved, and tells me not, by actual words.” (Juni 1883)
  4. “Our Blessed Lord wishes His Sacred Head to receive special adoration.” (Aug. 17, 1882)
  5. “Those who shall try by words or means to hinder or reject it, shall be as glass that is cast down, or as an egg that is thrown to the wall, that is that they shall be shattered and become as naught, and shall be dried up and wither as grass on the housetop.” (April 9, 1880)
  6. “Even the devotion to the Sacred Heart is incomplete without this devotion to His Sacred Head. (Juni 2, 1880)
  7. “He would wish now to be crowned and acknowledged as the Wisdom of the Father, the true King of Kings.” (Juni 15, 1880)
  8. “This morning at holy Mass when the Sacred Host was raised at the elevation, I saw as it were the whole court of heaven in prostrate adoration.” (May 27, 1880)
  9. Our dear Blessed Lord wishes His Sacred Head to be honored as the “Shrine of the powers of His holy Soul’. (Nov. 11, 1880)
  10. “Around His Sacred Head shone a light of indescribable brilliancy and beauty: as it were a sun in which sparkled 12 magnificent crystal stones reflecting all the colours of the rainbow.” (May 23, 1880)
  11. “It will be the great devotion of the church in time to come.” (July 16, 1881)
  12. “The crucifix is the Book of books and to me the Tree of Life and contains never ending volumes.” (June, 1880)
  13. “It makes me tremble with terror at the dread punishments He has in store for all who shall hinder, or try to hinder the furtherance of this heavenly devotion, for their jaws He says shall be locked as were those of the lions in the den into which Daniel was cast, they shall be shattered and become as naught.” (May 9, 1880)
  14. The Sacred Head is the shrine of the powers of the Soul. “The Head is also the center of all the senses of the body, and that this devotion is the completion, not only of the devotion of the Sacred Heart, but the crowning and perfection of all devotions; and he showed me how the adorable Trinity at His baptism revealed to the world this special devotion for His Sacred Humanitiy is the tabernacle of the thrice Holy Trinity; and that St. John has specially spoken of this devotion for the Most High revealed to him that he should be thus worshipped before the end of the world.” (April 9, 1880)

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