Feest van het H. Hoofd, Zetel van de Goddelijke Wijsheid: 19 juni 2015




to All  Devotees.

teresa-higginson1.jpg    In your part of the world, very little remains of Tuesday, May 27th, Teresa’s Birthday, we may still say “Happy Birthday Teresa”.  It’s also a good time to seek her Intercession for Peace and Justice in  the areas where acts of unspeakable brutality are  being perpetrated on the totally innocent, not least of whom are Catholics. The importance of her Intercession cannot be overstated, she was a teacher of English Parentage, England being The Dowry of Mary from whence the rebellion against Rome, the Reformation, began, is it not correct to believe the return to Rome should begin here in England, through Teresa’s Intercession and our Devotion to The Wisdom of The Sacred Head.

Sacred Head of Jesus      June 19th is the Feast of The Sacred Head, Seat of Divine Wisdom, Who charged Teresa with the spreading of The Devotion to His Sacred Head.   Jesus’ choice of date was the Friday following The Feast of His Sacred Heart, (this year being June 12th), consequently there will be a Day of Prayer Celebrated at St. Winefride’s Church, Neston, where Teresa’s remains lie in peace.

Father Michael McCormack commences the day at 11 a.m. followed by Mass at Noon – Lunch Break (bring own Lunch) 2.30 – weather permitting Teresa’s Prayers recited at her Graveside, (otherwise in Church), remembering Petitions, particularly of Devotees unable to attend – Rosary and Benediction in Church – the day closing approximately 3.30 p.m.

Details of all books and a DVD on Teresa, can be found at “sacredhead.org” website which thanks to Fr. Findlay-Wilson contains other  websites and a great deal of information.

With Love and a promise of remembrance in my prayers,

Margaret Rainford. 

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