DAY  of  PRAYER – FEAST of  SACRED HEAD, 10th JUNE, 2016.
Dear Devotee,
May I please offer my apologies for another multi-address e.mail.
Fr. Michael McCormick, serving at St. Leo’s, Whiston, is dedicated to The Devotion to The Sacred Head of Jesus, Seat of Divine and Eternal Wisdom and to the Cause of Teresa Higginson.   Interestingly, he shares Teresa’s date of birth and was  born in the now closed Parish of St. Alexander’s, Bootle, the Archdiocese of Liverpool, wherein she received most of her Encounters with Our Blessed Lord.
While Devotees gather in Church for the Holy Hour, Fr. Michael  uses a background of truly spiritual music which is also used during periods allowed for private meditation, following either a Scriptural Reading, a Prayer composed by Teresa or an appropriate Hymn.
Not knowing the source but  news Father Ravvi Bosco was to be moved to another Parish, was received with sadness.  When welcoming us to St. Winefride’s he was very guarded on this subject.
Fr. Michael, assisted by Fr. Keith Windsor, Celebrated Mass; the Gospel Theme being based on Adultery and Divorce, did not deter him, as his incorporation of The Devotion to the Sacred Head, made his Homily very meaningful.
We are greatly appreciative to the following 3 Priests for Offering Mass to coincide with our timing:
Fr. Joe Tylenda, retired Chaplain from Scranton University, U.S.A.,
Fr. John Horgan, EWTN Broadcaster, Parish Priest in Vancouver, B.C.,
Fr. Michael Hutchings, Parish Priest, Melo, Uruguay.
They are  all stalwart Devotees  both to The Sacred Head Devotion  and Teresa’s cause.
Prayers at Teresa’s Graveside, were offered for all Devotees Intentions, especially those who started the Group early 20th Century, and for Teresa’s Cause to come to fruition.  It was particularly poignant we remembered brave young cancer sufferer, Emma, for whom we’ve been praying for the last 6 years.   Wishing to fulfill certain aims while still well enough, she married her Fiance 2 months ago, a day of beauty and happiness.   We wish them well in their new  life together.
May I please repeat my frequent comment on the importance of praying for The Church to accept The Devotion to The Sacred Head cannot be overstated.    It has to be part of the Cultus of The Church before Teresa’s Cause may proceed and although there’s been little news of late, does not mean nothing is  happening.    We are all aware The Church moves very slowly and particularly so regarding this Devotion, it being the Highest Devotion possible.   Jesus Himself told Teresa it would be His Crowning Glory as there’s nothing Higher than Devotion to  His Wisdom.
Sadly, Mrs.  Pat Garrett, who usually leads the Rosary, using Teresa’s Meditations on The Sorrowful Mysteries, was not well enough to be with us.  She was given special remembrance with a prayer for a good recovery.
Everyone agreed the day was very special for which we firstly thank Fr. Ravvi for making us  welcome, also Fr. Michael and Beryl and Bob Hitchen whose coordination is vital – there is a volume of work which nobody sees.
Every 3rd Friday, at St. Richard’s Church, Miranda Road, Bootle, Mass for Teresa’s Cause  is Offered at 7.30 pm, preceded by The Rosary at 7pm.
My apologies to any Devotee who is waiting for books etc., I’m gradually lessening the backlog.   May I ask you to please e.mail me again and know I very much appreciate your patience.    When I was making inroads into the arrears, my computer crashed and I lost my total INBOX.
My ISP is AOL, the Rep said it wasn’t my fault but couldn’t give  me any explanation – I guess he decided I wouldn’t understand anyway!!   He wasn’t able to rescue the missing items, their system had deleted everything.   C’est la vie!
May I Wish Everyone A Peaceful and  Blessed  Summer and seek remembrance in your Prayers please, you are always in mine.
TERESA HIGGINSON’S PRAYERS also including very brief biography.
SACRED HEAD DEVOTION EXPLAINED also includes comments from
several Theologians.
All above publications are available:

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